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The family-owned group Fernco Inc. with the companies Flexseal Couplings Ltd. and Flexseal GmbH has started to manufacture and supply the world’s largest range of flexible pipe joints. At present, we produce and sell more than 20 million pipe connections from 28 mm to over 3000 mm per year.

Since its foundation in 1964 by William Zopfi from Ferndale/USA, the main focus of the group and its employees has been on excellent delivery quality, continuous product development and - as the key to success - customer-specific service. As a forward-looking entrepreneur, Darrel Cooper took over the company from William Zopfi and thus laid the foundation for today's globally operating group of companies. The Fernco Group, headquartered in Davison/Michigan for the USA and Barnsley/England for Europe, has operations in Davison and Reno/USA, in Sarnia/Canada, Barnsley/England and in Eschwege/Germany.

Fernco, led by Darrel Cooper, together with his sons Chris as Chairman of the Board, Mark as President and daughter Heather, is committed to continued growth and profitability for the benefit of its customers, worldwide.

Flexseal Couplings Ltd. with its wholly owned subsidiary Flexseal GmbH is the market leader in Europe and has made a good name for itself in the past with its high quality standards and excellent delivery service - especially for pipe connection systems for the civil engineering sector. In addition to our well-known standard products, we develop and produce special solutions for our customers to solve all problems that arise when connecting different pipes.

Flexseal GmbH will play an important key role in the expansion of the Fernco Group in the coming years for the steadily growing European market.