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Customer Announcement: COVID-19 Update

Date: 17/03/2020

As we closely monitor the impact COVID-19 outbreak has on our business, we are committed to continually keeping our customers, suppliers and stakeholders up to speed with changing circumstances, how we’re reacting and the impact to you.

Therefore, you can expect to see an increase in our formal communications to you.

Above all else our very top priority is the health and welfare of our people and the wider community, followed by keeping the supply of goods constant and uninterrupted. This means working closely with our suppliers and customers to minimise potential risks.

We’re taking UK Government guidance by reducing contact points between Flexseal and external people and between staff. Therefore, all meetings, both in the UK and internationally, are now limited to conference calls or video links. We have put provisions in place for staff to work from home where possible and therefore only production critical staff will be onsite. Rest assured, we still have all the necessary resources available at our disposal to service you to the usual high standards and we don’t expect these standards to reduce.

At this moment in time our supply chain remains uninterrupted and our production plan is still on schedule. Therefore, we don’t anticipate any shortfalls in the supply of goods.

However, during this difficult and unprecedented situation we all see ourselves in, we ask that our customers work closely with us to ensure that the supply of goods remains constant and uninterrupted. By monitoring your own local circumstances and government precautions, you can help us to keep ahead of any potential risks in our supply to you by pro-actively communicating any local changes regarding COVID-19.

We’ll increase our formal communication with you during the COVID-19 outbreak period to ensure, where possible, we see minimal impacts to our businesses.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [INSERT TELEPHONE NUMBER] or export.dept@flexseal.co.uk

The Flexseal Team