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LM 60

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The Flexseal LM Pipe Seal is designed as a flexible connection system for clay pipes to manholes.

The thick profile allows the LM 60, to compensate the weight and the tollerance fluctuation of the clay pipes.

Because of the possibility crabbing the connecting pipe with a steel clamp it can be prevented ingression to the main pipe.

To compensate possible setting, we recommend to connect an short pipe section as additional joint (for example: GE-piece) if applicable with a Flexseal sleeve.

The LM 60 can also be used as pipe fairlead.

Size selection:

The tolerance fluctuation of the clay pipes necessitate to meassure the connecting pipe.
Please bear in mind that the necessary core drill can be produced!

Tolerance of the core drill: +/- 1 mm!

Qualiy assurance:

All Flexseal connection seals are made out of high-quality EPDM/SBR.

The steel clampsthat are available optional are made of stainless steel (AISI 304).