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FA 150 B, FA 200 B for all Pipes on Concrete Pipe


FA150B Blue Web3According to DIN EN 295, Part 4

The Flexseal connecting elements FA 150-B and FA 200-B are used to connect clay pipes with concrete main pipes that have a wall thickness from 50 to 150 mm.

The compression seal and the bushing are made of a high-quality EPDM-caoutchouc. The base body and the clamping sleeve are made of ABS-Plastic. The bushing is made of PP.

FA150B Blue WebThe bushing sleeve can handle more than 4kN shering load. This surpasses the requestet norm (1,5 kN). The bendability of the flexible EPDM-bushing keeps completely preserved.

The bushing is 2 cm lower. That means an additional plus for security for shering load and bending.

The compression seal is optimal on the use of concrete pipes.

The Connection Elements can be installed in the following pipes:
  • Clay pipe according to DIN EN 295 from DN 400 N
  • Concrete pipe according to DIN 4032 from DN 300
  • Reinforced concrete according to DIN 4035 from DN 300

drawing FA Uniring2With only four different Flexseal Compensating Rings all listed pipes can be connected to the nozzle FA 150-B.



 Compensating Rings for connecting other pipes (for example SML, KG, GFK, GGG, UR II, EuroTop in DN 150) are available as custom-made. Please contact our sales office.