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FA 150 KG, FA 200 KG for plastic pipes on concrete


prod fa150kg 200x2DIBt-license: license number.: Z-42.1-315

The Flexseal saddle FA 150 KG and FA 200 KG are designed to connect plastic pipes DN 150, or rather DN 200 with concrete pipes from DN 300 and up to DN 400 (according to DIN 4032) and concrete manholes (according to DIN 4034-1).

The sealing element is made of high-quality elastomer according to EN 681-1 / DIN 4060.

Because of the circumferential locking lips a permanent impervious connection is guaranteed.

The special construction prevents that the saddle gets pushed from the connection through the main pipe.

Instruction for installation:

For the installation of the saddle FA 150 KG a core hole of 186 +/- 1,8 mm, for the saddle FA 200 KG a core hole of 226 +/- 2 mm is necessary.

The drill needs to be fixed rectangular to the tubular axle by a holder or a drilling template.

The elastomer-sealing element will be inserted without lubricant into the clean core hole.

Afterwards the spigot end of the green saddle will be furnished with KG-lubricant and pushed centric to the sealing element.

The body stop of the nuzzle serves to include a KG sealing element DN 150, or DN 200.


For connecting

Pipe OD

Core Drill

FA 150-KG PVCu / Cast Iron DN 150  160 186 +/-1,8
FA 200-KG PVCu DN 200  200 226 +/-2,0

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