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AKRP2Individual fitting, self setting paste for all sizes of clattering caps.

The Flexseal Anti-Rattling-Paste consist of an eco-friendly 2-component synthetic material.




Rroduct advantages

  • prevent reliable clattering
  • fit itself exactly to the form
  • can also be used as sealing
  • open for traffic after short time

Delivery Form

Anti-Rattling-Paste 430gr: last for 1 manhole cover to ca. 70 cm diameter or on rectangular caps to ca. 200 cm length.

Anti-Rattling-Paste 220gr: last for 1 hydrant cap, 1 street inlet, 1 gas- or water slide and on rectangular caps to ca. 100 cm length.

Installation instruction

  1. Remove the clattering cap from the frame.
  2. Remove the coarse dirt of the cap and the frame.
  3. With a cloth apply a thin coat of the seperating agent (chamber 1) to the cap and the sides.
  4. Remove and unfold the clamp of the bag between chamber 2 and 3.
  5. Blend both synthetic components on the inside of the bag.
  6. Cut off a corner of the bag (cutting length ca. 1 cm).  Apply about 7 mm of the paste from the bag into the cap or the manhole frame.
  7. Immediately put the cap back to the frame before the paste hardened.
  8. DONE!