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Noise Reduction Rings

prod rohr dampfungs 200x0according to DIN 19584
according to DIN 4290

The muting inlay of the manhole frame prevent the clattering of the cover and protects the surface contact area.

The excellent material properties (elastic modulus 220 Mpa. Shore Härte:55) of the Noise Reduction Rings contribute the protection of the sub-construcktion and the frame. In this way the Noise Reduction ring gets the necessary wear resistence for a long lifespan and is stable to frost, de-icing salt and other aggressive influence.

The material amongst other things is used as elastic interim storage beneath the rails of the Deutsche Bahn.

prod rohr dampfungs1 200x0Despite of its elastic behavior the ring has a higher stiffness compared to other rings out of rubber or elstomer. That makes it easy to insert the ring to the manhole frame. The Noise Reduction Ring can't be shifted or fall into the manhole while the cover is lifted.

The Noise Reduction Ring is able to eleminate unevenness in the frame of the cap permanently.

The Flexseal Noise Reduction Ring is available in three varieties:

  • For better destinguish the old category B of damping pads are dyed black and the new category D is grey.
  • In addition we can offer Noise Reduction Rings for oval hydrant street caps.

Measurements for all Rings: see table