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Internal Coupling - ICON

The innovation in coupling technology

For the secure internal connection of two pipes of irregular or inaccessible external profile.

In the past there have been several low pressure pipe connections which would challenge any coupling manufacturer.
The main examples include:

prod icon2These challenges have now been overcome with the launch of the Flexseal Icon Coupling, a unique coupling which securely seals against the internal surface of two pipes. A secure, permanent, watertight and airtight connection is now guaranteed on pipes from DN150 to DN400 with an internal circular profile.
This will be a true innovation for our industry, solving several problems encountered on site. With the same ease as any of our other flexible couplings, two pipes of irregular or inaccessible external profile can now be securely connected.

Available to suit pipes with internal diameters from 150 - 400mm.
Larger diameters will be available in due Course.

 Technical Information:

• Overall width of coupling is 130mm.
• Stainless steel components are Grade 1.4301 material. Grade 1.4401 (SS 316) is also available.
• Sizes 150mm up to 300mm with single bolt assembly; sizes greater than 300mm with two bolt assembly.
• Seal has tapered end sections for a smooth transition between the pipe bore and the coupling.
• Bushes can be used where there is a significant difference in Diameter.