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Typ 2A for Clay Pipes

According to DIN EN 295, Part 4

Prod Typ 2A web

The coupling type 2A is basically designed for clay pipes of all manufacturers. Furthermore, it is possible to use it for all pipe materials, which fall into the outer diameter of the clamping area of the coupling!

The outer diameter difference, which can be bridged to a maximum is 10 mm.

The coupling can only be used in the low pressure range up to 6mWs (0,6 bar)!

Please note: It is not possible to make a transition from an OD 190 to OD 175 using a coupling with the clamping range 175-190 (TC 190). For this purpose, bushes may have to be used with a coupling type 2B.

We recommend using the type 2 couplings only with a few exceptions - for connecting clay pipes!

All Type 2A couplings are available exclusively in EPDM rubber. The shear and the tensioning straps consist in each case of a highly corrosion-resistant, austenitic, stainless steel of the quality class W 1.4301 (V2A).

The purchase of the couplings is not bound to packaging units. The weight indications are only used for an approximate calculation of the freight costs and are only intended for the standard shipment. The resulting shipping price is non-binding.